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Eyam and Abney Walk

Eyam and Abney Walk
Eyam and Abney walk

Eyam and Abney walk is a walk for the more advanced walkers around the historic Eyam village. The walk itself will take you through rough terrain for nine miles over moorland and will take 4 hours. You will experience views of both the White Peak and Dark Peak as well as have time to visit Eyam – a village that self-imposed a plague quarantine in the 17th century.

In November 1665 the entire village of Eyam quarantined themselves in an act of bravery during the Great Plague, all due to a seemingly innocent order of cloth. When the cloth was opened in December 1665, it was damp and riddled with plague carrying flies. At this moment the plague claimed its first victim in Eyam. 42 villagers then perished before Spring 1666. At this point the village decided to quarantine itself to avoid further spreading the plague to neighbouring villages. On the 24th June 1666, no one was allowed in or out of Eyam. 260 villagers died within the year and it is said the decision at Eyam that Summer day saved the lives of hundreds more.

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