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How to get to the Moorland Centre

How to get to the Moorland Centre

The Moorland Centre in Edale provides a wide range of information about the Peak District National Park.  The information ranges from informing visitors about popular walking routes as well as projects which are going on within the park.  There are a number of ways to access the park using both private and public transport.

Those traveling by train should go to Edale station.  Edale stating is accessible from both Manchester and Sheffield.  The Moorland centre is within walking distance of Edale station.

Those accessing the centre by car have a range of options.  Those heading north on the M1 should exit at junction 29 and transfer onto the A671, whereas those heading south on the M1 should exit at junction 36, transferring onto the A57.  Exit 14 is the best option for those traveling along the M6, with visitors then transferring onto the A34 and onto the A520.  Another option for those traveling Southbound on the M6 is exiting at junction 27 onto the M60 and then onto the A6 road which leads to Edale.

Visitors traveling from Sheffield can take the A6187 into Hope, later turning off at Edale.  Those traveling in the opposite direction from the west should take the M6 to Chapel, and then take the road from Chapel to Castleton.  Visitors should turn off at Mam Nick (Next to Mam Tor) which leads into the Edale valley.

Visitors should be aware that there is no public parking at the centre, with spaces available just for disabled visitors.