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North Lees Campsite

North Lees Campsite

Camping is one of the best ways to see the Peak District and is one of the most cost-effective types of accommodation available.  One of the best campsites available in the park is the North Lees campsite which is located in a valley which is a mile and a half from the town of Hathersage.

The North Lees campsite is ideal for those in search of a base for exploring the surrounding area, as well as the Peak District as a whole.  The nearby countryside is home to a diverse range of different terrains from moorland to farmland.  The North Lees Estate incorporates a large proportion of the surrounding area and is owned by the Peak District National Park Authority, and is used for conservation.

The campsite is available every night from Friday the 22nd of March 2013, to Saturday 2nd of November 2013.  The campsite is also available throughout the winter though only on Friday and Saturdays.

The campsite itself is specifically designed for tents and no other types of accommodations such as caravan are allowed.  The campsite provides space for up to 60 tents.  There are also a number of facilities on offer at the site which includes toilers, a car park for campsite users, a drying room, separate showers for men and women as well as wash hand basins with hot water.

The campsite is easily accessible by a range of different modes of transport.  There is a bus service which is from Sheffield and goes to the centre of Hathersage.  Visitors are able to walk from Hathersage to the campsite.  The nearest train station to the campsite is also in Hathersage, and is the service between Manchester and Sheffield.  The walk from Hathersage to the campsite takes around 30 minutes. 

There are a number of rules for visitors to the site, which intends to ensure that all visitors have a safe and enjoyable stay.  The first of these is that no unsupervised teenagers under the age of 18 are allowed on the site.  Visitors are also required to pitch tents at least 6 metres apart to prevent them from becoming a fire hazard.  Groups and parties are also not allowed to ensure that all visitors can have a quiet stay.  The site can also fill up relatively quickly in the summer months so it is advised that visitors book in advanced.  Regular users of the site may wish to become members for £10 per year in order to receive a pound off their stay each night.