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Peak District Local Access

Peak District Local Access

The Peak District is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of the UK due to its outstanding natural beauty.  However, unlike many of the UK’s national parks which are government owned, much of the land within the Peak District is privately owned.  This means that there are certain restrictions on both where people may venture, especially walkers, as well as the activities individuals are allowed to pursue within the park.  These may include restrictions on wild camping or simple routes which cut through private land.

The Peak District local access forum has been set up as a pressure group and a committee to ensure as much of the park can be explored as possible.  The main role of the group is to improve public access to the park to ensure as many people as possible can enjoy the picturesque sites on offer.  Members of the committee come from a range of backgrounds from outdoor sports enthusiasts such as hikers and climbers to landowners and farmers.  This ensures that a wide range of views is expressed and considered.  Members meet usually once every three months at Aldern House, Bakewell with Derbyshire county council and the National park Authority.

Members of the forum have been provided with information from the secretary of state who outlines the purpose of the forum and how they should go about carrying out their duties.

As was previously stated meetings happen once every three months unless pressing issues arise.  Members of the general public can also attend meetings as observers; though can also request to raise an issue.  Members of the public who wish to speak at meetings must contact the forum before 12 pm the day prior to a meeting.  A copy of the agenda is released three days before the meeting.