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Peak District Local Nature Partnership

Peak District Local Nature Partnership

The local Nature Partnership known as the LNP is a partnership of businesses, individuals and organisation who work together in order to improve the natural environment of the Peak District.  The project aims to ensure that the Peak District continues to be a beautiful landscape that is rich in biodiversity.  The project also aims to ensure that the Peak District is managed effectively in a manner which protects wildlife and brings benefits to both the local economy, and the people who live in and around the park.

The Local Nature Partnership is not fully completed yet, though certain aspects of it have been laid down.  The Park authority aims to come to an agreement regarding a number of different areas of the local nature partnership. 

The first of these is to create a constitution for the local nature partnership, in order for the aims and objectives of the partnership to be clear for all.  The second area which needs to be defined is that regarding ambitions of members of the local nature partnership regarding the local natural environment.  Agreement in this area will ensure that all individuals involved are pulling in the same direction towards a common aim of improving the natural environment of the Peak District.  It is also important that there is agreement regarding how ambitions for the local environment will be promoted to third parties in order to generate awareness among the surrounding communities to the park.  The communities are also a pinnacle aspect of the local nature partnership, and the partnership aims to support community based action regarding the local environment.

The local nature partnership itself will be directed by its own interim board that will consist of a group of people who understand the Peak District well, as well as understanding the importance of the Peak Districts natural environment.  Members of the board will be expected to be able to communicate the important environmental aspects of the Peak District to a range of different individuals and organisations, in order for positive change to take place.

The local nature partnership itself covers a wide range of areas inside the Peak District.  The areas it covers are defined by their differing landscapes and geography, as well as their unique importance to the area.  The areas consist of the Dark Peak, The White Peak, and the South West Peak.

The partnership itself was developed by the Peak District National Park Authority working with professional organisations that developed the idea of creating a partnership.  One off funding was also granted to the park authority by Defra in the early stages of the partnerships development.  Early work revolved around analysing a number of different areas within the park, such as biodiversity, business, health, recreation and well being.  Once the park authority explored these areas comprehensively it applied for government recognition as a local nature partnership.  The application was assessed and agreed in the summer of 2012 which meant that the Peak District local Nature Partnership has been approved.