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Peak District Pubs and Restaurants

Peak District Pubs and Restaurants

The Peak District offers a wide range of pubs and restaurants from simple tea rooms to local taverns.  The majority of the pubs and restaurants in the park are found in the towns of the Peak Districts, such as Buxton and Castleton.

One of the most popular pubs in the Peak District is the Old Son inn, which is in Buxton.  The pub specialises in presenting visitors with an authentic taste of the Peak District by providing a range of locally sourced food and drinks and boasts a friendly and open atmosphere.  Food is described as “no fuss” with a ranged of home cooked meals being available which boasts ingredients sourced from the local area.  The pub is also available for small parties.  The pub also exclusively served traditional ales and stouts with mass produced beers being unavailable. 

A great option for those who are searching for both food and a place to sleep is the Pack Horse Inn which is located in the Hills above New Mills, right on the edge of the Peak District.  As well as a restaurant the Inn also offers rooms with 4 star accredited en suite bathrooms.  When it comes to food and drinks, all products on offer are locally sourced.  Alcoholic drinks available include 3 hand pulled ales as well as Tetley Bitter.  The three hand pulled ales are actually guest ales and change frequently.  The pub itself boasts a traditional design and has two open log fires in the winter months.

One of the best options available for great food is the Peacock inn which is in the town of Bakewell.  The Peacock Inn also provides accommodation as well as a pub and restaurant.  The pub itself specialises in producing a range of fantastic locally sourced meals.  These include a range of game pies, as well as lamb shanks and fish and chips.  A Sunday roast is also available with a range of different meats being on offer and costs just over £10.  The restaurant also serves a wide range of alcoholic drinks which include local ales and stouts.

The Rambler in located in Edale is a great place for a few drinks and a bite to eat, after a long day in the hills.  The pub itself serves a range of different foods from traditional pub classics which include a range of different pies and steaks, to more contemporary foods.  The pub also offers a range of different drinks in its bar.  The pub also serves 5 hand pulled locally sourced ales which include Otter ale and the famous Hobgoblin.  Hand pulled ciders are also available.

Those in search of a lively bustling pub may wish to visit the Peaks Inn, which is located in the village of Castleton.  The pub specialises in selling real ales, which are brewed in casks and contain no unnatural additives.  A range of wines is also available.  Food is also available and a number of pub favourites are available, which include pies, sea bass and a number of smaller bites.