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Peak District Sustainable transport, cycling

Peak District Sustainable transport, cycling

The Peak District National Park Authority has taken enormous steps forwards in regards to making the Peak District one of the best places in the UK for cycling.  The park current boasts 65 miles of cycle trails which are free from traffic, as well as a network of lanes that are rarely used by cars which can also be used for cycling.  The Park, however, wishes to develop this infrastructure still further, in order to benefit both residents and visitors to the park alike.  One of the current schemes which is helping to boost the number of cyclists within the park is the pedal Peak District programme which is bringing wider benefits to both the park and the surrounding environment.

The traffic free trails that are available within the Peak District presently include the Monsal Trail, The High Peak Trail, The Thornhill Trail, and the Tissington Trail.  The Monsal trail was also expanded in 2011 via the use of disused railway tunnels, which has linked the towns of Bakewell and Wyedale, via a route which is both scenic and traffic free.

The Park Authority also wishes to develop the cycling infrastructure within the park further in the next few years.  This is to be done by developing a plan for a cycle network within the Peak District, which highlights links between the park and surrounding areas.  Another priority of the park authority revolves around linking up several trails within the park to create a circuit which spans the Peak District, in order that more people from surrounding areas cycle into the park.  A second aspect of the plan for the future involves making public transport cycle friendly.  The park authority aims to do this by working with public transport operators to ensure that bikes can be carried on both trains and busses in the near future.  The final aspect of the plan for the future revolves around constructing cycle hire hubs at railway stations to encourage visitors to enter on public transport, and then use bikes.

All of the plans for the Peak District cycle network of the future will ensure that sustainable transport is not only the most beneficial form of transport for the parks environment, but also the most convenient way for visitors to visit the park.