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Peak District the Heights of Abraham

Peak District the Heights of Abraham

The Heights of Abraham can be found in the Derwent Valley and are one of the Peak District’s most popular attractions.  The Heights of Abraham is a hill which is accessible by cable car.  The Cable cars were installed in 1984 and traverse the picturesque Derwent valley, leading to the top of Masson Hill.  The hill itself contains a number of tourist attractions which range from cafes and restaurants to a series of caverns.  Masson Hill also commands an excellent view of the surrounding area and has a large park and grounds which span 60 acres of the surrounding hillside.  The area is also rich in plant and animal life, making it popular among walkers.

The Gondola style cable car lift consists of 12 separate cars, which are attached to a cable which links the top and the bottom of the hill in a circuit.  The full length of the line, which includes both the accent and decent is just over a kilometre, with passengers travelling over 500 metres from the bottom of the Derwent Valley to the top of Masson Hill.  The summit of Masson hill is 339 metres above sea level.  The cable cars are open for usage by the general public every day between the 16th of March and the 3rd of November, between 10 am and 4.30pm each day.

Most attractions at the Heights of Abraham are accessible to all visitors including those with wheelchairs though there are several areas are deemed not suitable for those with mobility issues.  The areas not suitable for wheelchair users include the caverns which often have steep gradients and uneven surfaces as well as certain areas within the surrounding woodland.  Young children can be brought into the caverns, though pushchairs must be left outside.  The cable cars themselves can accommodate disabled visitors, though each car is restricted to a maximum of two disabled users during peak times due to the delays caused by loading wheelchairs.  There are a number of attractions surrounding the summit which are available to wheelchair users and include gift shops, the Vista Bar and Restaurant as well as several exhibitions. 

The most popular dining option at Abraham Heights is the Vista Bar and Restaurant.  The Vista restaurant provides diners with fantastic views over the Derwent Valley and has a range of food on offer from lunchtime snacks to full meals.  The Terrace café can also be found at the summit of Abraham heights and serves a wide range of locally sourced bites and snacks, which range of hot dogs and burgers to cakes and muffins. 

A range of different products and gifts are available in the Rock Shop which can be found on the hillside.  The Rock Shop sells a number of well crafted decorative stones as well as fossils and locally mined minerals.  Blue John jewelry that is produced within the Peak District is also available in the Rock Shop.

The Heights of Abraham are also a popular place for educational visits.  This is due to the Heights of Abraham being of both geological and historical interest.  Teacher’s packs are available to primary school teachers which help children to get the most out of their visit to the heights, providing a range of different suggestions for activities.  One teacher per 10 pupils is also allowed to visit free of charge, with the cost for each pupil being £7.50.