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Two Dales Walk

Two Dales Walk

The Two Dales walk takes walkers around both Monsal and Miller’s Dale.  The walk may be strenuous for some people, and around 4 hours should be allowed to complete the walk.

The start point of this walk is at Monsal Head which commands fantastic views of a railway viaduct.  Walkers should take the path from Monsal Head which heads down the hill and across the viaduct.  The viaduct should then be followed for around a mile until a path in the direction of the Wye River is found.  Walkers should cross the river Rye on a footbridge that the path leads down to, which will take them into Cressbrook. 

An immediate left should be taken as soon as walkers have crossed the footbridge, which will take them to Litton Mill.  The path should then be followed through Litton Mill, later passing both Tideswell Dale and Ravenstor.  The river Wye should then be crossed a second time, with walkers then making their way to the summit of Priestcliffe Lees, which will take them across the disused railway line on the way.  Walkers should continue on through Priestcliffe Lees, in the direction of a farmhouse located on the hill above Priestcliffe Lees.  Walkers should divert around the farm house, and into the lane behind it.  The lane should be followed for around half a mile, at which point a left should be taken which will lead over a stone stile to High Dale.  Walkers should pass through High Dale, taking a left at the road which they will meet taking them to Brushfield.

Walkers should walk through Brushfield, looking for signs to Brushfield Hough.  Brushfield Hough is a farmyard that can be walked through.  Walkers should proceed to walk through the farmyard, turning left and heading towards Monsal Dale.  Walkers will then come to a river, at which point they should turn left, following the river till they reach a footbridge.  The footbridge should be crossed and joins a path which passes a weir and heads back up to the starting point of Monsal Head.

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