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Yasmeen Samour – Editor & Content Adviser

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While Yasmeen has only lived near the Peak District for a short time, her many journeys around the world give her content a special touch, making her advice perfect for anyone eager to explore the local wonders for the first time.

She loves walks around places like Dovestone Reservoir and can't resist stopping to pet any friendly dog she meets along the way. Yasmeen's easy-to-relate-to approach helps both residents, and those just visiting discover the area's best spots.


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South West Peak is a relatively small area of the Peak District in comparison to both the Dark Peak and White Peak.  The area is however still of great importance due to it hosting a similar range of habitats to the Dark Peak, all be it on a smaller scale.  The area can be best …

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The Peak District’s White Peak is another distinctive area within the park due to its gently sloping Limestone plateau, crisscrossed by the Limestone Dales.  The Dales provide the area’s drainage and vary in steepness throughout the area.  Some of the Dales are extremely steep and lead off the Limestone plateau rapidly, whereas others slope much …

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