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Shining Tor Walk (Ciruclar): Via Errwood Hall & Reservoir

Shining Tor Walk (Ciruclar): Via Errwood Hall & Reservoir

Explore Shining Tor, the highest point in Cheshire, nestled in the Goyt Valley.

This guide provides routes for both leisurely walks and challenging hikes.

Set your sights high and get ready to tread unique paths!

Getting to Shining Tor

To reach Shining Tor, you’ll need to drive and then walk to the trig point. Public transport doesn’t serve Shining Tor directly; however, Buxton, the closest town with transport links, is a mere 10-minute drive away.

Generally, Shinning Tor is not accessible via public transport.

Shining Tor Parking

There is a range of free parking near Shining Tor.

Depending on which walk your want to go on will determine where you should park. If your planning a long walk, you should park in the areas surrounding Errwood Reservoir. If you are looking for some of the closest parking spots, you should park at, Pym Chair.

Parking Around Errwood Reservoir (Long Walk):

the street car park near errwood reservoir
“the street” Car Park (Free)
  1. “The Street” Car Park – ///inspects.addicted.detective
  2. Errwood Hall Car Park – ///pots.unzipped.signal (Not accessible Sundays & Bank Holidays)
  3. Goyt’s Ln – ///voltage.tasteful.reception

Parking Around Pym Chair (Short & Direct Walk)

If you’re looking for a short and direct route to Shinning tor, which follows a well-paved path, you can park at the Pym Chair car park, although there are limited spaces here, so be prepared to arrive early or later on in the afternoon during busy periods.

Shining Tor Maps & Routes

  1. Long Circular Route: 11.5km (7.2 mi) ~ 3-4hrs
  2. Short & Direct Route: 6.7km (4.3mi) ~ 2-2.5hrs

Shining Tor Walk (Ciruclar), Via Errwood Hall & Reservoir (Long)

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  • Distance: 11.5km (7.2 mi)
  • Time: ~ 3-4hrs

This scenic route follows the serene edges of Errwood Reservoir before leading you up through the hills to the historic ruins of Errwood Hall. From there, you’ll ascend to the breathtaking summit of Shining Tor. The trail then gracefully descends, wrapping around the reservoir’s far side and culminating with a crossing over the dam, guiding you back to where your journey began.

View OS Map Route

Step-by-Step Guide

1.If you begin at “The Street” car park and head down the road with the reservoir on your left. You’ll cross a bridge before reaching Errwood Hall car park.

path along errwood reservoir

2. From Errwood Hall car park, move away from the reservoir and climb the hill towards the trees.

path up hill away from path along errwood reservoir towards tree line

3. Once inside the wooded area, follow the well-maintained trail and descend the hill. After a short distance, you’ll come upon a U-turn in the trail. Follow this curve, which will lead you to the ruins of Errwood Hall.

fenced off ruins of errwood hall

4. Having admired the ruins, continue on the path, loop around, cross the stream (note it might be slippy), cross the bridge, and ascend the hill to your left.

shining tor walk path with bridge and hill

5. You’ll then reach a gravel path. Follow this uphill. This is the steepest part of the walk, so you might want to take short breaks.

gravel path of shining tor walk

6. Eventually, you’ll emerge from the woods onto the moorlands with a stone-paved path. Turn left here.

stone lab path of shining tor walk near trig point

7. Continue along the paved path, and in due time, you’ll reach the summit and trig point of Shining Tor!

trig point of shining tor walk

Don’t forget to pause and enjoy the views! On a clear day, you can see for miles — with Manchester plainly visible, and further to the left, Jodrell Bank Dish.

shining tor views of Manchester

You’re at the highest point in Cheshire!

8. Keep to the same path, which descends and then rises on the opposite side.

after shining tor trig path

9. At the path’s peak, first go right, then left after 200m.

If you’d like a shorter route? At the junction where you turned right, instead go left. This path descends and ends at Errwood Hall car park. From there, you can take the tarmac road back to the initial parking areas.

10. Descend the path until you reach a clearing with two paths. Choose the one on the right, which will lead you to Goytsclough Quarry car park.

Errwood reservoir walk Goytsclough Quarry parking

11. Locate the path on your right, which leads to the river. Use the bridge to cross the River Goyt, then ascend the hill on the opposite side.

bridge over goyt river

12. Continue on the path, but be cautious: some sections can be muddy, and only parts have elevated wooden walkways.

muddy path section of errwood reservoir walk

13. After passing through a wooden gate, you’ll be treated to a beautiful view of Errwood Reservoir.

view of errwood reservoir from far side

14. Proceed down the track, which eventually loops to a stream crossing, taking you back to the other side of the valley.

Tip: Although there might be a shortcut shown on your map, be cautious. The stream doesn’t have a bridge, and if the water level is high, you’ll have to make quite a jump — not recommended for everyone.

track with gate - path around errwood reservoir

15. Keep following the path as it winds through fields and patches of woodland.

path raised above reservoir

16. When you get to Goyt’s Ln, proceed downhill. Soon, you’ll be between the dams of Errwood and Fernilee Reservoirs. Cross this road, and a brief climb will bring you back to “The Street” car park, where you began.

errwood reservoir dam road

Shining Tor Walk (Short)

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  • Distance: 6.7km (4.3mi)
  • Time: ~ 2-2.5hrs

This route begins with a brief ascent up a hill, merging onto the main path that traverses the expansive moor. It culminates at the summit of Shining Tor before retracing the path back to the start.

View OS Map Route

Step-by-Step Guide

1.The journey begins from Pym Chair car park. From there, take a left onto the road and continue uphill. Soon, you’ll spot a gate on your right. Pass through it, and you’re on the main path of the walk.

2. Continue along the path, and you’ll journey past landmarks such as “Oldgate Nick” and Cats Tor. Eventually, the path will transform into paving stones. As you progress, absorb the breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

3. In time, you’ll reach the pinnacle of Shining Tor and its distinct trig point.

4. Once you’ve taken in the sights and are ready to head back, simply retrace your steps along the same path. Your adventure will conclude back at the Pym Chair car park.

Shining Tor Walk Amenities & Facilities

The area surrounding Shining Tor is largely missing amenities. However, during the summer months, you might spot an ice cream van stationed at “The Street” car park, the starting point of the long Shinning Tor Walk.

ice cream van at the street carpark errwood

For a broader range of services, Buxton is your best bet. Just a 10-minute drive away, this prominent town in the Peak District has a large Morrisons, several pubs, and other essentials to meet your needs.

Shining Tor – FAQs

How long is Shining Tor walk?

Shining Tor Walk (Via Errwood Hall & Reservoir – Long): The distance is 11.5km (7.2 mi) and it takes approximately 3-4 hours to complete.

Shining Tor Walk (Short & Direct): The distance is 6.7km (4.3mi) and it takes approximately 2-2.5 hours to complete.

What can you see from Shining Tor?

From Shining Tor, on a clear day, you can enjoy far-reaching views with Manchester clearly visible, and further to the left, you can see the Jodrell Bank Dish.

Where do you park for the Shining Tor?

There are multiple parking options:

For a longer walk, park around Errwood Reservoir at:
– “The Street” Car Park: ///inspects.addicted.detective
– Errwood Hall Car Park: ///pots.unzipped.signal (Note: Not accessible on Sundays & Bank Holidays)
– Goyt’s Ln: ///voltage.tasteful.reception

For a short & direct walk, park at:
– Pym Chair car park (Be aware of limited spaces during peak times)

Is Shining Tor dog friendly?

Yes, Shinning Tor is dog friendly. Like most areas in the Peak District, dogs are generally allowed, but always ensure they are under control, especially around livestock.

How high is Shining Tor?

Shining Tor is the highest point in Cheshire, with an elevation of 559 meters (1,834 ft) above sea level.

Shining Tor is also the 7th highest peak in the Peak District.