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105 Peak District Towns & Villages: A-Z (Biggest & Best)

105 Peak District Towns & Villages: A-Z (Biggest & Best)

The Peak District National Park encompasses over one hundred towns and villages within its boundaries, and many more bordering the park.

In this list, we’ll explore the most popular ones and discover what they are famous for. Then, we’ll provide a complete list, including notable towns and cities nearby.

Summary (Quick List):

Best & Biggest Town: Buxton

Best Village for Underground Wonders: Castleton

Best for Outdoor Activities: Edale

Best Nearby City: Sheffield

The image below shows a visual representation of where all the major towns and villages are within the park.

DouglalCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Most Popular Villages and Towns in the Peak District


castelton bridge with stream leading up to peak cavern

Castleton, located in the High Peak, is famous for the impressive ruins of Peveril Castle. It’s also known for its four show caves, including the Blue John Cavern, renowned for its unique blue-veined mineral. Nestled in the heart of the Peak District, within the stunning Hope Valley, Castleton offers a variety of outdoor activities like hiking and caving, all easily accessible from the town.

Among the most popular walks in Castleton are Cavedale, just outside the village, and Mam Tor, which offers beautiful views from the hills above the village. Additionally, Castleton is recognized as the starting point for the Limestone Way.


Bakewell tart things to do featured image overlooking love locks bridge

Bakewell, known for more than its famous pudding, draws visitors with its attractive stone buildings, pubs, and the medieval five-arched stone bridge spanning the River Wye.

This scenic town also hosts a lively market and the annual Bakewell Show, which celebrates local agriculture.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Bakewell’s connection to the Monsal Trail offers the chance to enjoy cycling and walking along the converted railway line, with further access to the Chee Dale stepping stones.

View the top things to do in Bakewell, where we list all the main attractions.


buxton opera house

Buxton, the largest town in the Peak District with a population of over twenty thousand, is a prominent spa town. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular, with lots of things to do in Buxton, including art galleries, museums, independent shops, and rich cultural heritage throughout the town.

The town centre boasts a renowned Peak District spa hotel located in the Buxton Crescent, alongside the popular pumping station, which has been serving water to visitors since the 1890s.

Among the most popular walks in Buxton are the hike to Solomon’s Temple, offering stunning views over the town, and a scenic stroll through the Pavilion Gardens.

Matlock Bath

matlock bath town with view long the promandad and river

Matlock Bath is a unique and picturesque village known for its scenic charm and rich history. It’s particularly famous for its thermal springs, which have made it a popular spa destination since the 18th century.

The village is lined with a variety of attractions, from quaint tea rooms and traditional shops to exciting arcades. The highlight of Matlock Bath is its location along the River Derwent, offering stunning riverside walks and boat trips.

For adventure seekers, Matlock Bath is home to the Heights of Abraham, a hilltop park accessible by cable car, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. This area is also well-known for its thrilling walking trails, including the picturesque path leading to the famous Lovers’ Walks.

Matlock Bath comes alive during its annual Illuminations event, featuring a parade of illuminated boats and a delightful display of lights.


edale church with hills in the background

At the southern end of the Pennine Way, Edale is a magnet for walkers and nature lovers.

Surrounded by the highest peaks of Kinder Scout and Mam Tor, it offers some of the best walking trails in the country, along with a peaceful village atmosphere, which is conveniently connected via a train station that runs from Manchester to Sheffield.


This beautiful village is a poignant reminder of the past, famous for isolating itself during the plague outbreak in the 17th century.

Visitors can learn about its history at the Eyam Museum and visit the historic Eyam Hall, showcasing local craftsmanship.

The famous Chatsworth estate is also just a short drive from the village.


Set in the Dove Valley, Hartington is known for its picturesque village square, traditional shops, and the remains of a Norman motte and bailey castle.

The village is a perfect starting point for exploring the nearby Beresford Dale and Wolfscote Dale.

Every town and village in the area boasts its unique charm and narrative, providing a mix of historical fascination, natural beauty, and a hospitable welcome to everyone who visits.

Towns & Villages in the Peak District (A-Z) – Full List

  1. Abney, Derbyshire
  2. Aldwark, Derbyshire
  3. Alport
  4. Alsop en le Dale
  5. Alstonefield
  6. Ashford-in-the-Water
  7. Aston, High Peak
  8. Bagshaw
  9. Bakewell
  10. Ballidon
  11. Bamford
  12. Baslow
  13. Beeley
  14. Biggin
  15. Birch Vale
  16. Birchinlee
  17. Birchover
  18. Blackwell in the Peak
  19. Blore
  20. Bolsterstone
  21. Bradwell, Derbyshire
  22. Bretton, Derbyshire
  23. Brough-on-Noe
  24. Brushfield
  25. Burbage, Derbyshire
  26. Butterton
  27. Buxton
  28. Calton, Staffordshire
  29. Calver
  30. Castleton, Derbyshire
  31. Chapel Milton
  32. Chapel-en-le-Frith
  33. Charlestown, Derbyshire
  34. Chatsworth, Derbyshire
  35. Chelmorton
  36. Chinley
  37. Combs, Derbyshire
  38. Conksbury
  39. Cressbrook
  40. Crowdecote
  41. Crowden, Derbyshire
  42. Curbar
  43. Dale End, Derbyshire
  44. Darley Dale
  45. Deepcar
  46. Delph
  47. Derwent, Derbyshire
  48. Diggle, Greater Manchester
  49. Disley
  50. Dobcross
  51. Dore, South Yorkshire
  52. Dove Holes, Buxton
  53. Dunford Bridge
  54. Dungworth
  55. Earl Sterndale
  56. Ecton, Staffordshire
  57. Edale
  58. Edensor
  59. Elkstones
  60. Elton, Derbyshire
  61. Eyam
  62. Fawfieldhead
  63. Fenny Bentley
  64. Flagg, Derbyshire
  65. Flash, Staffordshire
  66. Foolow
  67. Friden, Derbyshire
  68. Froggatt, Derbyshire
  69. Furness Vale
  70. Gamesley
  71. Glossop
  72. Grangemill
  73. Great Hucklow
  74. Great Longstone
  75. Greenfield, Greater Manchester
  76. Grindleford
  77. Grindon, Staffordshire
  78. Hadfield, Derbyshire
  79. Hargate Wall
  80. Harpur Hill
  81. Hartington, Derbyshire
  82. Hassop
  83. Hathersage
  84. Hayfield, Derbyshire
  85. High Bradfield
  86. High Lane, Greater Manchester
  87. Higher Dinting
  88. Hollinsclough
  89. Hollow Meadows
  90. Holmbridge
  91. Holme, West Yorkshire
  92. Hope, Derbyshire
  93. Hulme End
  94. Ible
  95. Ilam, Staffordshire
  96. Kettleshulme
  97. King Sterndale
  98. Lane, West Yorkshire
  99. Langsett
  100. Little Hayfield
  101. Little Hucklow
  102. Litton, Derbyshire
  103. Load Brook
  104. Longcliffe
  105. Tissington

Cities & Towns just Outside of the Peak District

I’ve focused on places strictly within the Peak District National Park boundaries for the above list. However, numerous towns and cities lie just outside the park’s borders. Staying in these areas can be a more affordable option if you’re planning a visit near the Peak District.


sheffield from above

15 Mins from Peak District (5 Miles)

Often called “The Steel City”, Sheffield is renowned for its industrial heritage and its role in the steel industry. Today, it’s a vibrant city with a mix of modern and historical charm. The city is also known for its green spaces, like the beautiful Botanical Gardens and the large expanse of the Peak District on its doorstep.


manchester city from above

30 Mins from Peak District (13 Miles)

A powerhouse of the North, Manchester is famous for its influential music scene, sports teams, and rich industrial history. It’s a bustling city with a vibrant arts and culture scene, including museums like the Manchester Art Gallery and the Science and Industry Museum, alongside a thriving nightlife.


15 Mins from Peak District (6 Miles)

Known for its Victorian architecture, Huddersfield is a historic market town. It boasts impressive buildings like the Huddersfield Railway Station and the Town Hall. The town is also surrounded by picturesque nature, including Castle Hill, offering panoramic views of the surrounding Peak District countryside.


5 Mins from Peak District (3 Miles)

Sitting on the edge of the Peak District, Leek is known for its Victorian and Georgian architecture. It’s a market town with a history in the silk industry, offering a range of antique shops, art galleries, and local markets. Nearby, you can explore the stunning landscapes of the Roaches, a prominent rocky ridge next to Hen Cloud.


12 Mins from Peak District (5 Miles)

Famous for the ‘Crooked Spire’ of its Church of Saint Mary and All Saints, Chesterfield is a market town with a rich history. The town center hosts a bustling market, and Chesterfield is also known for its proximity to the stately home of Chatsworth House, one of Derbyshire’s most famous landmarks.


5 Mins from Peak District (2 Miles)

A historic market town known for its medieval street pattern and historic buildings, Ashbourne is often referred to as the gateway to the Peak District. It’s famous for its annual Shrovetide football match, a unique and historic game played through the town’s streets.


6 Mins from Peak District (3 Miles)

Once the world’s biggest producer of finished silk, Macclesfield is a market town with a rich textile heritage. It’s known for its Silk Museum and Paradise Mill. Macclesfield is also close to the Peak District, offering easy access to the natural beauty of the surrounding area.