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6+ Things to Do in Glossop: Activities & Walks Near Town

6+ Things to Do in Glossop: Activities & Walks Near Town

Discover the best of Glossop with our guide to the top activities and walks in and around this charming Derbyshire town.

From exploring historic sites to enjoying the natural beauty of the Peak District, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

In a hurry? Summary of the best things to do in Glossop:

  • 👨‍👩‍👧 Best for Families: Vist Manor Park, featuring a playground, skate park, miniature railway and parkland.
  • ⛰️ Best for Nature Lovers: Take a hike in the local area
  • 🏰 Best for History Fans: Explore the street and buildings of old Glossop

Best Things to Do in Glossop

The town of Glossop is small, with limited activities outside of shops, local cuisine, and parks. Although there are few tourist attractions within the town itself, it is nestled right on the doorstep of the Peak District, offering plenty of outdoor activities for you to enjoy.

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1. Scenic Walks

There are several walks around Glossop town that lead into the Peak District countryside, catering to various levels of difficulty.

Here are some of the more options routes:

Longdendale Trail

Longdendale Trail

Ideal for a leisurely stroll or a bike ride, the Longdendale Trail boasts spectacular views of the Longdendale reservoirs.

This trail which is a former railway line (similar to the Monsal Trail), is especially family-friendly, with flat and well-maintained paths allowing for an easy and relaxing journey through nature.

The serene water views, combined with the availability of picnic spots, make it a delightful day out for visitors of all ages.

B29 Crash Site Walk

b29 crash site peak district

For those interested in historical sites and a bit of adventure, the walk to the B29 crash site offers a sombre glimpse into the past.

The remains of a B29 Superfortress bomber that crashed in 1948 are still visible, lying scattered on Bleaklow Moor. 

 While more challenging, this route rewards hikers with its historical significance and the wild, untamed beauty of the higher moorlands.

Full walking route – Work in progress

Doctors Gate Path

Doctors Gate Path near glossop

This historic route invites walkers to explore a path trodden by Roman soldiers and later used by packhorse traders.

The trail offers expansive views of the surrounding moorlands and valleys, providing a perfect blend of natural beauty and historical intrigue. As you traverse this path, keep an eye out for ancient remnants and the rugged hills of the Peak District.

There are plenty of other walking options in the area, from the high peaks of Kinder Scout to the grassy Goyt Valley. For more information, check out my article on the best walks in the Peak District.

2. Stroll or Picnic in the Local Parks

Manor Park in glossop

Explore the greenery of Glossop’s local parks for a relaxing outing. The two main parks include:

Howard Park: Where scenic landscapes and tranquil walking paths provide a perfect setting for a leisurely stroll. These parks offer visitors a peaceful escape into nature.

Manor Park: Known for its expansive play area and charming miniature railway, ideal for families or picnics. Park for free at Manor Park Car Park, situated right next to the play area and skate park.

3. Local Cuisine and Shopping

Glossop Market: The indoor markets in Glossop are currently closed for refurbishment.

However, the market town traders have relocated to the outdoor market, which is open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until 4 p.m.

Cafes, Restaurants & Pubs: There are plenty of popular places to grab a bit to eat or withing to drink in Glossop. Some of the top-rated include:

  • The Globe: A legendary pub known for its vegan food, home-brewed beers and music venue.
  • Glossop Cafeteria: This great, affordable cafe is known for its hearty English breakfasts.
  • Napoli Restaurant: Popular authentic A La Carte Italian Restaurant
  • Canella: An artisan coffee house serving great coffee, cakes and the occasional alcoholic beverages.

Independent Shops: There are plenty of other independent and local shops selling a range of local products.

4. Old Glossop

Wander through Old Glossop, often regarded as the historic heart of the town.

This charming area features narrow streets lined with picturesque stone cottages, traditional pubs, and well-maintained gardens. The architecture here tells the story of a bygone era, offering visitors a genuine taste of historic Glossop.

Take your time to explore the little alleyways and charming corners that make Old Glossop a treasured local heritage site.

Here, you can feel the essence of the original town before it expanded westward during the Industrial Revolution.

Key Highlights:

  • Historic Architecture: Old Glossop’s buildings showcase the area’s rich history. Walking through, you’ll see stone cottages and other structures that date back centuries.
  • Traditional Pubs: Originally, the village boasted eight pubs in the early 1900s. Today, three remain—the Bull’s Head, the Wheatsheaf, and the Queen’s Arms Hotel—along with the Howard Town Brewery, a local microbrewery.
  • Film Location: In 2013, Old Glossop was featured in the BBC drama series The Village, starring John Simm and Maxine Peake. Notable sites such as the parish church of All Saints and the former Duke of Norfolk school building appeared in the series.

Whether you’re interested in history, architecture, or simply enjoying a peaceful walk, Old Glossop offers a unique glimpse into the past and a beautiful experience for visitors.

5. Other Sports Activites

Outside of walking, there are plenty of other sports to do in and near Glossop. Some of these include:

Cycling: Glossop is a prime destination for cycling enthusiasts, offering numerous routes that cater to all skill levels.

Popular cycling paths include the routes around the Longdendale Trail’s scenic reservoirs and through the Peak District’s rolling hills.

Several local shops offer bike rentals for those without their own gear, providing everything from high-performance road bikes to sturdy mountain bikes for exploring off-road trails.

Swimming: Dive into fitness at Glossop Swimming Pool, the town’s hub for aquatic activities.

This facility boasts a 25-meter pool and, with a friendly and inclusive approach, accommodates swimmers of all ages and abilities. 

Membership options are flexible, starting at £24.00 per month, or you can pay a day rate. The pool offers various swim sessions priced for accessibility, including free admission for children under 8.

Golf: If golf is more of your swing, Glossop Golf Course offers affordable visitor rates for both 18 and 9-hole green fees.

6. Drive along Snake Pass (A57)

snake pass road

Experience one of the top scenic drives in England by taking a road trip along Snake Pass. Winding through the Peak District National Park, this section of the A57 connects Glossop with Sheffield.

This historic route, engineered by Thomas Telford and opened in 1821, rises to an elevation of 1,680 feet, providing stunning views of the surrounding moors. While the road is celebrated for its beauty, it is also known for its challenging driving conditions, featuring sharp bends and steep gradients.

The pass is often closed in winter due to snow and is also prone to subsidence, leading to occasional longer-term closures.

For those interested in outdoor activities, the Pennine Way crosses at the summit, and the area is a popular spot for cycling and hiking. Historical sites along the route include the Snake Pass Inn, originally known as the Snake Inn, which gave its name to the road. As well as nearby Ladbower Reservoir and Derwent Dam.

Ladybower Reservoir at Ashopton viaduct

The pass remains a key route for tourists, offering direct access to some of the Peak District’s most breathtaking landscapes.

How to get to Glossop

Glossop is well-connected and easily accessible by various modes of transport.

By Road: Glossop can be reached via the M67 motorway, which connects to the M60 Manchester ring road, providing links to the UK’s extensive motorway network. Edward Street Car Park – HPBC, offers central parking.

By Train: Regular train services connect Glossop to Manchester, with a typical journey taking about 30 minutes. This makes it an ideal location for commuters or visitors coming from the city.

By Location:

From Buxton: The drive from Buxton to Glossop takes about 40 minutes, mainly via the scenic A57 road, providing a beautiful route through the Peak District.

From Sheffield: Motorists can reach Glossop from Sheffield in about an hour, with routes passing through the picturesque landscapes of the Peak District, including the option to traverse the renowned Snake Pass, depending on traffic and weather conditions.

From Manchester: Getting to Glossop from Manchester is straightforward and quick, making it a convenient option for day-trippers or commuters.

By road, it’s a short drive of about 30 to 40 minutes via the M67, directly linking Manchester to Glossop.

Alternatively, there are regular and direct train services from Manchester Piccadilly to Glossop with a journey time of approximately 30 minutes.


What is Glossop known for?

Glossop is known for its picturesque setting on the edge of the Peak District National Park, offering stunning landscapes and numerous outdoor activities. It’s also recognized for its rich history in the cotton industry.

What day is market day in Glossop?

Market day in Glossop is held every Thursday, featuring a variety of stalls with local produce, crafts, and goods.

Is Glossop a village?

No, Glossop is not a village; it is a market town with a well-developed town centre and various local amenities.