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Arbor Low

Arbor Low

Arbow Low was constructed in Neolithic times as a monument.  Arbor Low can be found within the White Peak area of the park.  The site itself is privately owned though can be accessed by members of the public.  Due to the sites important historical significance, access is managed by the Peak District National Park Authority.  Access to the site costs adults £1.00 though is free for children.

The monument at Arbor Low is built with Limestone Blocks which have been taken from the local area.  There are around 50 blocks in total which are laid out in an oval type way.  It seems that some of the stones at the site were actually once larger though the number originally placed at the site is unknown.  Arbor Low is of significant importance due to it being one of the best-preserved henge type monuments in the British Isles.  Remains of humans were also found at the site over 100 years ago.

The best way to access Arbor Low is from the farm below the monument which is just a short walk away from it.  There is a car park next to the farm, where most visitors to the site park.

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