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Curbar Edge Walk

Curbar Edge Walk

The Curbar Edge walk is of average difficulty, as it passes over rough and steep ground at times.  The total distance of the walk is just less than 7 miles, and it is advised to allow between 3-4 hours in order to complete the walk.  Curbar Ridge provides excellent views of the Derwent valley and the surrounding countryside.

The walk begins at Curbar Gap car park with walkers heading towards Curbar Gap along the road until they reach a lay-by.  Upon reaching the lay-by a path heading in the direction of Curbar Gap will become visible.  Once walkers reach Curbar Gap they should take the left fork of the footpath which then leads up to Curbar Edge.

Once walkers have gained access to Curbar Edge they should continue along the path which follows the top of the ridge.  This path provides fantastic views of the Peak District countryside as well as a great view of the village of Curbar.  The main path along the ridge will eventually reach the A625, after around an hour’s walking

Upon reaching the A625 walkers should turn right, and then left climbing over the style which leads into Haywood.  Walkers will then find a path as soon as they climb over the style which crosses over a stream in the direction of a car park.  A left turn should be taken at the car park which will lead down to a gate, which should be walked through until a fork in the path is reached.  A second left turn should be taken at the fork which will lead walkers downhill through a wooded area. 

The path continues downhill and meets a stream which should then be followed, with walkers keeping the stream on their left-hand side.  The stream will eventually meet a gate which joins a track leading into Grindleford which should be followed.  Walkers should turn left at the main road leading into Grindleford, and then a second left before Grindleford Bridge is reached, which will lead them onto a footpath which passes through a field.  The footpath should be followed through Froggatt Wood and into the village of Froggatt itself.

Walkers should travel along the road until they reach the village of Froggatt, which will lead them to Froggatt Bridge. At this point, they should take a left down a lane to the River Derwent.  The river should be followed along the path until a bridge is reached, which should be passed by walking over the road and back down to the river.  The river should then be followed further past the Mill Ponds at the Goit until a lane is reached.  A right should be taken at the lane, which passes through Calver Mill.  Walkers should then turn left up the hill into Curbar, then turning right across the field into Curbar car park.