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Caving in the Peak District

Caving in the Peak District

Caving is one of the fastest growing adventure sports in the whole of the UK, and is becoming increasingly popular in the Peak District.  Caving provides visitors to the Peak District with a completely different perspective regarding the park and is an exciting way to discover some of the Peak Districts less visited landmarks.  The Peak District is also the location of the highest natural cavern in the whole of the UK, Titan Cave, which was recently discovered in the year 2000.

Like most adventurous sports, caving carried significant risks that can be managed by taking certain precautions.  It is therefore not recommended that visitors to the park rock up and try to give it ago without having previously received training regarding the potential hazards.  The best way to try caving safely is to join a caving expedition at one of the Peak Districts activity centres.  The activity centres offer visitors the chance to spend a day caving under the supervision of a qualified instructor.  The caving centres also provide visitors with all the necessary equipment for caving from wetsuits and helmets to flashlights.

The British caving association website is a great place for those who wish to find out more information about the sport and provides useful information for beginners.

Caving is not the only way to explore underground caverns however with many being accessible on foot via walking routes.  There is further information on this website regarding caves and caverns throughout the Peak District that can be accessed on foot.  The most famous of these is Poole’s cavern.