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Peak District Fell Running

Peak District Fell Running

Fell running is one of the most popular activities in the Peak District and is a great form of exercise.  The sport centers around covering large distances on foot as quickly as possible.  In contrast to hikers and other users of the park, who venture into the Peak District with large amounts of equipment, Fell runners take the least amount of equipment possible in order to travel fast and light.

One of the best things about Fell Running is the accessible nature of the sport, as the only real requirement is a pair of sturdy running shoes.  The Peak District has established itself as one of the premier fell running areas in the UK, and a range of fell running events take place throughout the year.

Some of the most popular Fell running races include the High Peak Marathon which takes place at night.  Entrants to the race take part in teams of four and must complete a grueling 42-mile route across the Peak District.  The route covers a range of famous Peak District landmarks including the Derwent Watershed.  The race starts and finishes at Edale which is in Derbyshire.  Another important event in the Fell running calendar is the Edale Skyline which spans 21 miles from Marsden to Edale.  Those looking for slightly less strenuous races or routes can run throughout the year or can attend some of the lower key Fell running events.

The sport of Fell running itself is controlled by the Fell Runners association which provides a calendar of Fell running races, as well as providing advice for wood be fell runners regarding equipment.  It is important for Fell runners as with any of visitors to the park to follow basic safety procedures which include bringing sufficient clothing for the expected weather conditions in the park.