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Exploring Thors Cave

Exploring Thors Cave

This walk takes hikers to one of the Peak District’s most Iconic caves, Thor’s Cave.  Walkers should allow around 3 hours to complete the hike, which takes place on a mixture of paths and open ground.

The Car Park at Wetton North East of Milldale is the start point for this walk.  Walkers should leave the car park in a Northerly direction travelling along the path which leads to the Tor above Thor’s Cave.  The Tor is straightforward to reach as the path leads directly to the Tor above Thor’s cave.  The Tor is a good place for a breather and to take in some of the views of the surrounding area.  Walkers should descend down from the top of the Tor into Thor’s cave, taking a few minutes to explore the cave.

The Manifold Trail becomes apparent just below Thor’s cave and should be crossed with walkers heading over the style towards Ladyside Wood, which is clearly marked on all maps.  There is then a path from Ladyside Wood that is marked to the village of Grindon that should be followed until Grindon, with walkers then heading towards the church in Grindon.

There is a track across from the church in Grindon that should be followed in the direction of Ossoms Hill Farm.  A bridleway should be taken to the left just before Ossoms farm is reached which leads to the bottom of Ossom’s Hill.  Walkers should continue to walk down the hill until they reach a stream, which they should then turn right at leading to Wetton Mill.

A path should be picked up at Wetton Mill which leads over the top of Wetton hill and into a valley on the following side of Wetton Hill.  Walkers should then follow the path in the valley keeping Wetton Hill on their right and the Sugarloaf on their left.

Walkers will then reach a country lane where they should then climb over a style which allows them to descend via the lower slopes of Wetton Hill on a path.  This path then leads back to the car park at Wetton where the walk began.

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