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Hope Valley

Hope Valley


The Peak District takes up a significant part of the Derbyshire County. The Peak District offers an excellent view of the Pennines, in the form of the rough Dark Peak and the smoothened White Peak. The area lies on the outskirts of the main urban cities and is generally inhabited by villages or smaller settlements, Hope Village is one of them.

Hope Village is a civil parish and is located in a valley between the intersecting point of Peakshole Water and the River Noe. The valley is named after this small parish district, and Hope Valley has become a significant tourist attraction within the Peak District.


Hope Village which occupies most of the valley area has a long history stretching back to the Roman times. It is believed that the Mam Tor hillfort located east of the village gives uncanny glimpses into the early Roman culture.

Hope Valley


The valley is located in the East Midlands, along the boundaries between the Dark Peak edges and the Moorland in the Pennies. It also runs along the White Peak, the dales and a variety of limestone structures.

The head of the valley is nestled in the ‘Shivering Mountain’ or in other words, the Mam Tor. Traces can still be found from the iron ages in the fort sitting on top of Mam Tor. The Winnats Pass gives access to the main part of the valley because the road that used to run down from Mam Tor along the west is now closed owing to the multiple landslides it had witnessed.

The Winnats Pass runs along the limestone crags and then past some old lead mines along the way. There is a small path joining the Mam Tor and the Lose Hill, located just north of the valley which attracts a lot of tourists. This path leads down to the Hope Village with some excellent views of the countryside.

Hope Valley - Peak District


As it’s a valley surrounded by numerous hills, the area has multiple streams, brooks, and rivers. The three main rivers which form the network in the valley are the Peak Water, River Noe, and the River Derwent. River Derwent fills a lot of reservoirs (Derwent Dam) on the way when it meets River Noe, and these reservoirs are well worth a visit.


Hope Valley offers a variety of things to do ensuring you won’t get bored. Hang gliding from Mam Tor is one of the most popular attractions which you can enjoy from the skies or if like me you are less excited about the thoughts of flying above the valley, you can watch the hang gliders from the safety of the ground with a picnic.

You will also find the Titan Cave in Hope Valley where you can experience firsthand what it feels to be inside the cave while potholing the area. You can also visit the Bagshawe Cavern from where an active stream still flows.