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Climbing in the Peak District

Climbing in the Peak District

The Peak District boasts some of the best climbing spots in the whole of the UK, and there are numerous opportunities available for visitors to the park to get involved in climbing.  Of course those new to the sport should make sure that they begin climbing with experienced professionals or attend courses. 

The most important climbing routes within the Peak District include Stanage Edge, which attracts climbers from across Europe and the rest of the world.  The Roaches also provide numerous opportunities for excellent climbing.  There is also a wide range of crags in and around the Peak District which caters to every level of climber from beginners to seasoned professionals, with the Peak District not just offering climbing conditions for professionals.

The British Mountaineering Council known as the BMC provides comprehensive and up to date information on the crags of the Peak District, as well as information regarding how to avoid disturbing wildlife whilst climbing.  The first step for beginners who wish to experience climbing within the Peak District for the first time should be to consult an outdoor activities provider who can arrange a climbing expedition for them.

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