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Exploring the Chatsworth Estate – Walk

Exploring the Chatsworth Estate – Walk

This walk will take you through the grounds of one of the Peak District’s most famous landmarks, Chatsworth House.  Walkers should allow around 4 hours to complete the walk as it is around 8 miles in length.

To begin the hike, walkers should head to the car park at Carlton Lees.  From the car park at Carlton Lees, walkers should head in the direction of the garden centre, taking a path which heads down through some trees and over the river Derwent.  They should then cross over the river Derwent and then should take an immediate right which will lead them over a style.  They should then continue onwards in the direction of Beeley church, crossing the B6012, walking into the village of Beeley. 

Walkers will then reach a T junction at which point they should take a left, which will bring them to a stile which they should climb over.  Once walkers have traversed the style they will find themselves in open fields with Beeley Farm in sight.  Beeley farm should be walked around to the right which will lead walkers into a quiet lane, where a right turn should be taken leading onto access land.  A path will become apparent upon reaching the access land which should then be followed across Beeley Moor until a track is reached.  Walkers should take an immediate left upon reaching the track which will take them in the direction of Stand Wood.

Walkers should then head into Stand Wood via the gate which the track leads to, with the track turning to the right inside the wood.  They will then reach a junction marked Robin Hood which they should walk straight across.  This track will go past both Swiss and Emperor Lakes.  A left turn should then be taken down a grassy path about five minutes after passing Emperor Lake.  This track will then lead to a hunting tower and steps which should be walked down until the main path becomes apparent.  An immediate left should then be taken upon reaching the main path, which will pass under an aqueduct.  A sharp right should be taken just after the aqueduct which will lead to Chatsworth Farmyard.

Once the farmyard is reached walkers should turn left past the stable block and farmhouse, until the bridge across the Derwent River is reached.  The bridge should then be crossed, and a path will then become apparent which leads towards Edensor.  Walker’s should cross the road upon reaching Edensor passing the church until a sign at the bottom of some steps for Rowsley is reached.  Walkers should head in this direction using the wooden path markers after the steps until a gate at New Piece Wood is reached.

Walkers should then pass through the gate and up the hill which leads onto Carlton Pastures, then heading straight down into the valley until the Hamlet of Carlton Houses is reached.  Walkers should then continue on through the Hamlet along a track which leads to a road.  This road then leads back to the Garden centre and the car park at Carlton Lees.