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Langsett Barn

Langsett Barn

Langsett Barn was built in a traditional manner using the post and truss method of construction.  This method of construction involves the tying together of timber trusses which support the roof of the building, with horizontal beams that are supported with vertical posts.  The Barn was used for the storage of both crops and grain and has large double doors which allowed horse-drawn carts to gain access to the building.

Officially the Barn was constructed in 1621, though certain aspects of the Barn such as the narrow windows would suggest it dates back to a much earlier period.  The existence of the barn does provide an interesting insight into earlier land usage within the Peak District and highlights the importance of farming to the communities of the Peak District.  The Barn is currently owned by the Yorkshire water authority and has recently been refurbished as part of a joint project between Barnsley Council, The Peak Park Trust, and the Peak District National Park Authority.  Financial help was also secured from the countryside commission.  Barnsley council’s conservation workshop team carried out the bulk of the work on the barn.

Since the refurbishment, the barn has become hospitable, and groups are available to rent the large community room within it.  The community room also boasts a self-contained kitchen, with all of the facilities that would be expected at home from a fridge to cutlery and an oven.  The community room provides space for a maximum of 12 people.  Refurbishment of the Barn has also been in keeping with the barn featuring stone flagged floors.

Community and local interest groups can rent the barn for £5.00 per hour, and other users such as private individuals can rent the community room for £10.00 per hour.  There is however a minimum stay time of three hours.  Those who book the community room for a longer period of time will be charged an hourly rate on the first and last day, and either £40.00 per day for community groups, or £80.00 per day for the days in between.

If you are interested in walking to or from Langsett Barn you can find a walking guide here.