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The Rowtor Rock Walk

The Rowtor Rock Walk

Walkers should allow around 4 hours for the Rowtor Ramble (featured in our top 10 Peak District walks) which will take them over a series of different terrains, from steep fens to moorland.

The walk begins at the Druids Inn pub which is in the village of Birchover.  A small path from the pub takes walkers to Rowtor Rocks.  Rowtor rock is a pretty interesting place and is definitely worth exploring.  Once walkers have finished exploring Rowtor Rocks they should head back down the path to the Druids Inn pub, to where they began the walk in the first place.

Once walkers are back at the pub they should cross the road, and pick up the footbath which leads above the village to a quarry.  The path to the quarry will end just past the quarry at a point when the path meets a road.  Walkers should turn left at this road which will continue to head up the hillside.  Walkers should then turn left along this road until a path becomes apparent which will take them onto Stanton Moor.

Walkers should continue walking along Stanton Moor in a northerly direction, which will take them past a number of land marks towards the Nine Ladies Stone Circle.  Walkers will notice a number of paths heading to the North once they reach the Stone circles.  One of these paths should be taken and used to reach the road above Stanton in Peak.  Walkers should turn left upon reaching the road above Stanton in Peak, then continuing into the village.

The road used to access the village continues downhill through the village and should be followed to the other side of the village to the other side.  Walkers will reach a footpath once they reach the other side of the village, which will join to the B5056 road.  They should then walk across the road, heading into a country lane, and then taking a right once in the lane which will lead them through a caravan park.  Walkers should proceed to walk right the way through the caravan park until they reach the other side of the park and a lane which they should turn right at.  The lane will then lead walkers to a bridge which crosses the river Bradford. 

Walkers should walk across the bridge turning left at the end of bridge which will take them alongside the river.  This path should then be followed until it meets the main road.  Walkers should turn left upon meeting the main road, heading up the hill.  A footpath on the left-hand side of the road will take walkers above the Dale providing fantastic views of the Rheinstor.  Walkers should continue along this path until they reach the village of Bradford.

Walkers should turn left down a lane upon reaching the village of Bradford which will take them across a river.  They should then turn left into the Limestone Way, which is clearly marked with signposts.  The Limestone Way should be followed up the hill, until a number of paths have been reached.  Walkers should look for the signpost marked “Robin Hood’s Stride” which will take them along a path in the direction of Robin Hood’s Stride.  Robin Hoods Stride will become visible once walkers are close to Harthill Moor Farm.

The final leg of the route takes place along a path between Robin Hoods Stride and Cratcliff Tor, taking walkers to the B5056.  Walkers should cross the B5056 and continue walking along the road by taking a left at the road.  A foot path will become apparent after around 5 minutes of walking along the road.  This footpath should then be followed, which will take walkers back to the starting point of the walk.