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Stroll around Robin Hoods Stride

Stroll around Robin Hoods Stride

This walk begins at Elton were a limited amount of car parking is available.  Around 2.5 hours should be allowed for the walk, with care taken due to steep drops.

Walkers should begin by walking through the churchyard at Elton, following the path which leads to a road.  A left should then be taken at the road, which will take walkers past a cottage.  A right turn should be taken just after the cottage which takes walkers through a driveway, a field and finally the main road.

Walkers should head straight across the road which will bring them to another driveway, were a path crossing a stream should become visible.  This path should then be taken and will pass up a hill close to a wood, which should be kept on walker’s left-hand sides.  Walker’s should follow the wood to the end, which will take them past Bradley Rocks.  A left should be taken just past Bradley Rocks which will allow walkers to join a path taking them into Birchover.  Birchover is the location of the Druids Inn pub which provides access to Rowtor Rocks, which are definitely worth visiting.

Walkers should briefly backtrack on themselves after visiting Rowtor Rocks, by walking along the track they used to reach Birchover.  Walkers should follow this track keeping the woods to their right until they reach the main road.  The road should then be crossed and a path picked up which will take walkers in the direction of Cratcliff Tor.  Walkers should continue along this path, which will take them through woods to Hermit’s Cave.  Walkers should be able to see Cratcliff Tor from Hermit’s cave, which they should then walk to.

Walkers should then follow the path from Cratcliff Tor which will take them above the woods and to Robin Hood’s Stride.  Walkers should then proceed to walk back along Harthill Moor via the Limestone Way until they reach the entrance of Harthill Moor Farm.  Walkers should find the lane at Harthill Moor farm which will take them down a hill into a wood.  Walkers can then continue along the path through the woods that will cross a number of stiles eventually taking them to Elton, where the walk began.

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